Lost 3/4/09

There’s definitely something Egyptian going on here. There are too many correlations to chalk it up to mere chance: Horace/Horus, Richard Alpert = R.A. = Ra, the statue on the island, the hieroglyphics, etc. Damned if I know what it all means, but it has to be deliberate.

An interesting thing to note is that, later in Egyptian history, Ra and Horus merged into one deity who commanded the sky, the earth and the underworld. And we see last night that there is a truce between Horace’s group and Richard’s group, a symbolic merger. Will we see a closer union of the two groups in keeping with their mythological counterparts?

And while Kate showing up was pretty much a foregone conclusion, especially once the whole “can you get over someone in three years” conversation happened, they handled it nicely, especially with the way she appeared between Jack and Hurley. Makes me wonder what happens to Juliet, because I just don’t buy Kate ending up with Jack.


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