The Prodding Continues

I’m scheduled for my abdominal MRI on Friday, and guess what? I get another IV! Because I haven’t had enough sharp metal objects shoved into my arm lately. I’m convinced that the MRI will come back clean, but that I’ll have tetanus.

I’m really not all that worried about this. I’ve looked up the symptoms for the worst possible outcome, and I don’t have any of them, so I have the feeling this is just a formality. It’s funny, because normally I’d be terrified at the thought of even needing something like this done, but after the battery I’ve been through, my whole attitude is that it’s better to know than to wonder.

I just pray they shave my arm before sticking down the IV tube. The pain of peeling that bandage off was worse than any of the needles. The Italian curse of hairiness, I suppose.


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