This Just In!!!

This race to be the first to declare Natasha Richardson dead is pretty sickening. Someone’s wife, someone’s mother, someone’s daughter is fighting for her life and the internet vultures just can’t wait until she stops moving to swoop in. I’ve seen her reported dead at least half a dozen times today, and always followed by a report on a reputable news site that she’s not.

It’s got to be hard enough for her family to deal with what’s happening without the media seemingly chomping at the bit to put her in the ground. Imagine hearing second or third hand that your mom is dead, only to go the hospital and see her still alive? And possibly having to go through that grief all over again if she actually does die?

Look guys, nobody is going to get a Pulitzer for being the first to report her death. You might get a couple of extra hits because your shot in the dark finally proved right. Congratulations.


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