If Real Life Were Like Facebook

(Knock at door)
“Oh, hey Bob.”
“Funny, Bob.”
(Knock at door)
“I knew 10 out of 12 80s songs, how would you do?”
“Well, I was just about to sit down and eat…”
“Come on, challenge your friends!”
“Um, okay…”
“Hey, wait, I don’t want everyone knowing that.”
“Knock it off, Bob!”
“I need your help in Vampire Wars.”
“No, Mike.”
“Mafia Wars?”
“Pirate –“
“Dammit Bob!!! Mike, get away from my mp3 player.”
“But you have to play random songs to answer these questions.”
“I don’t want to!”
“But I tagged you.”
“I don’t care!”
“All right, that’s it, everyone get the hell out and LEAVE ME ALONE!”
(Door slams shut)



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