"See You On the Other Side"

So Battlestar Galactica came to an end last night, and with much more grace than the original series did.  Not a flying motorcycle or super-powered little league team in sight.  And while there’s bound to be those who are upset because every single answer to every single question was spelled out for them, I think leaving some things for the viewer to ponder is always a much more satisfying way to go.

Such as:  what exactly was Kara Thrace in the end?  She vanishes in the end just the way Head Six and Head Baltar do, so that she’s some sort of agent of a divine power is unquestionable.  It’s also safe to assume she’s been this way since she disappeared and returned.  She could almost be a Christ figure — she sacrifices herself to die and come back and show mankind the way.  But I like the fact that her nature is left a mystery.  So much of the show wrestled with issues of faith and belief, it makes sense that it asks us to take some things on faith as well.
As for Hera, she’s important not only because we learn that she’s the missing link in a sense, but because without her, the chain of events that lead to our Earth never happen.  There’s no rescue mission, no peace to fall apart, and no reason for Kara to play her hunch and enter those jump coordinates.
Most of all, I like the idea of a divine being trying to get it right.  We’re living on at least the fourth attempt, the show says, and maybe this time we’ll get it right, maybe we won’t, but He Who Hates the Name God will still keep trying.  That says some comforting things about a creator’s faith in its creations.

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