Smile, Pt. 2

Yep, it was me.

What was really creepy, aside from getting the letter with the actual photos (including a lovely close-up of my license plate), was the video of me going through the intersection they had on their website. I hope I wasn’t picking my nose at the time.

According to the data on the photo, the light had been red for .27 seconds when I went through it. So yeah, I was racing the yellow light — which had been yellow for 4 seconds, thank you helpful Judge from Above — and it was close, but probably not close enough to be worth fighting over.

I was able to pay the fine online, and this was another disturbing part. First, you enter the violation number from the letter to login. You get to see the pictures and watch the video. Then you get to advance to … THE PLEA PAGE. Ominously, you click the button and get taken to THE PLEA PAGE, where you have the option to click a button labeled LIABLE. By this point, I’m ready to admit to kidnapping the Lindbergh baby, I feel so guilty.

So now I’m $125 lighter and all the more in awe of lengths to which our government will go to get a good look at my license plate.


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