Beep Thoughts

We have an alarm system in our apartment. It’s really nothing more than a loud noise when the door opens, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

This alarm has a back-up battery, and when the battery runs low, the alarm tells you by turning on a light on the console and beeping. And beeping. And beeping.


And you can’t turn it off. No, don’t assume I got the hint when the light came on and the first few beeps went off. Please keep reminding me every ten seconds for the rest of the day. Please keep beeping all through the night. Please drive me to the point where I’m ready to rip you out of the wall and let the crooks just have the stuff.

Oh sure, the manual offers up some false hope of silencing it, but the problem is, once you do, the system re-detects the low battery and starts the process all over again. So unless you’re willing to get up and hit a button every two minutes or so, you’re going to get hit with “I” in Morse code all day. I might as well be on Lost, except not pushing the button only brings an annoying noise and not a planeful of interesting people.


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