My God, It’s Full of Stars

Yes, I’ve been a bit remiss in posting here. I’ve been spending the last week or so joining the 21st century.

It all started when my parents came to visit. I’ve mentioned before how my mother keeps asking me if there’s anything I need. Well, she was on a pretty good run of doing this one day during the visit — she must have asked about five times in an hour and a half. And really, there was nothing I needed, or, at least, nothing I needed that required her help. So I said so. And she said, “Are you sure?” To which I replied, “No, there’s nothing I need. There are things I want, but nothing I need.” “Well, what do you want?”

A week later and there’s a 40″ LCD high-def TV in our living room. Thanks, Mom!

And let me tell you, it was glorious. Now, we had no cable at the time (thanks to what turned out to be a monumentally inaccurate assumption on my part, but that’s neither here nor there), so I bought one of those high-def antennas to pick up over the air high-def broadcasts. So I got the TV in place, hooked the TiVO up to it, connected the antenna, and turned on a basketball game on the HD ABC channel.

Knees hit the floor. It was just … you know how when you’re at the eye doctor and they’re flipping the dials and asking, “Better 1 or better 2,” and they finally hit the right combo and nothing’s blurry anymore? Well, this was that, only the eye doctor is Jessica Biel.

Then we got our cable re-installed and started getting all those high-def channels, and now it’s an entire optometrist’s office full of Jessica Biels.

Yesterday was the final touch — a Blu-ray player. I picked up 300 on Blu-ray, figuring it would give the machine a decent workout. And now it’s a detailed history of optometry by Jessica Biel and Jessica Biel, edited by Jessica Biel with illustrations by Jessica Biel.

So now I’m technologically up to date for at least the next 72 hours.


2 Responses to My God, It’s Full of Stars

  1. jenryannyc says:

    ROFL! arent moms great?

  2. Rik says:

    So it;s worth it, every time i try to get one i get "ours is fine wait til it dies" crap. But then i wouldn't be able to sell the old one, eh? LOL You may look into an Apple TV at some point….it streams in content from the iTunes store: movie & tv show rentals and purchases in HD and SD, plus stream s form your home pc/mac itunes library and you can surf youtube as well!

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