Still flush in the warm glow of my Blu-ray player, I bought Starship Troopers and Terminator 2 this past weekend. I figured those two films would really shine in the format, and I prepared myself for the sweet sweet loving my eyeballs were about to receive as I popped Troopers into the player.

Wow, the color black has never looked so good.

Yep, the player read the disc just fine, and after doing so, it decided that it simply contained too much awesome for me to see at that time, that this black screen was much safer.

Okay, I thought, time to download some new firmware! I’d known this was sometimes necessary to play certain discs, and lo and behold, there was a brand new update for my player waiting on the Sharp site! Following all the directions precisely, I downloaded the update to a thumb drive and popped it into the player.

Well, I guess this update is really awesome too, because my player protected me from it as well.

A quick look on the internet showed others with this problem, and that calling the support line was the solution to the problem.

I can only gather that the solution entails becoming so frustrated waiting for them to help you that you’ll just go watch a disc that actually works and stop worrying about it.

The woman I talked to was very nice, walked me through the steps again, then said she was escalating me to another department, who would call me back today. Flash forward to today, and it gets close to an hour before that department closes, so I call and ask what’s up. I’m told that all their reps are buys, but that my call would be escalated to a supervisor, who would … call me back. So now I’m waiting for one of two possible phone calls.

What kills me is that this player has a network port to connect to the internet for Blu-ray Live content, but I can’t simply use that connection to download the firmware update from the internet. I’ve got to go through a couple of convoluted steps instead.

I’m not too ticked yet — the discs I can play on the player look fantastic — but you’d think this is a common enough problem that there would be a quick solution. Unless that solution is also too awesome for me to see.


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