Bring It On, Dontcha Know!

In this post, I will attempt to get sued by Sarah Palin. Here goes:

— Sarah Palin has a secret cabal of Eskimo spies who do all kinds of “dirty work” for her. Mention “Operation Nanook” and watch her start to panic.

— Willow Palin was named after the 1988 Ron Howard film of the same name. Had their original choice of film not been sold out, she would have been named Crocodile Dundee II Palin.

Palin only opposed the “Bridge to Nowhere” once she found out that “Nowhere” was in fact not a city in Alaska.

— Trig Palin was born one month premature because Palin decided to quit being pregnant for the good of the people of Alaska.

Palin believes that, in addition to the Department of Law, the White House also has the Department of Fancy Dinners, the Department of Weather, and the Department of the Super Friends. She can’t wait to meet Wonder Woman.

— The Palin/barracuda analogy isn’t entirely accurate, because one is known for its large size, fearsome appearance and its long, fairly compressed body covered with small, smooth scales; the other is a type of fish.

All of this must be true, because I blogged about it.


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