Here’s to Your Health

You know, if Obama is going to turn this country into a movie, he could have picked a better one than Logan’s Run.

I mean, the expense of implanting an age-detecting gem in the palm of every citizen’s hand is going to be enormous. Not to mention the cost of building all those Carousel facilities. And we’re not even close to the anti-gravity technology they used, or those cool guns either.

Maybe it’d be cheaper to, I don’t know, GIVE PEOPLE HEALTH CARE.

I was watching a YouTube video of a woman protesting one of the health care town halls. This woman honestly believed that the president’s plan actually called for agents to go door to door give suicide pills to the elderly. She was convinced that Obama planned nothing less than the systematic extermination of all old people in the country.

Can we put her first on the list?

The amount of absolute nonsense being bandied about — and the fervor with which it is being believed — is truly saddening. And maddening. Are people so afraid of their precious status quo being upset that they’ll buy this garbage being fed to them? Are they so convinced of the inherent evil of their government — a government that, two years ago, people were being called traitors for criticizing — that they’re sure government agents are coming to steal their children and kill their grandparents?

It’s not like there aren’t valid criticisms to Obama’s plan. It’s just that its opponents aren’t using them. Instead, they’re whipping up hysteria, screaming “Socialist!” and “Hitler!” And it for all the world looks like to me that Obama’s detractors are thrilled to have something to be mad at him about besides him being black.

Because they can’t just come out and say they don’t like him because of the color of his skin. That won’t fly anymore, at least in public. So first, it was that he was secretly a Muslim. Then, he went to an America-hating church. Then, he was a terrorist. Then, he was actually born in Kenya. And now, he’s coming to take Grandma away. And underlying all of this seems to be “And, well, look at him, he’s, you know.”

And please spare me the cries of “Liberals were just as vitriolic about Bush!” Last I checked, Obama didn’t squander away the sympathy of the entire world trying to turn Iraq into America West. Obama isn’t getting people killed in a war that has yet to be truthfully justified. Obama isn’t trampling all over the Constitution in the name of “homeland security”. His biggest crime is actually trying to get health care to people who don’t have it. You’re right, string the bastard up.

The Declaration of Independence says that our inalienable rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. See the first word? Life? As in staying alive. As in not having to make the decision between feeding your kids and buying the prescription that will save your life. As in not having to skip a mortgage payment because you had the audacity to go to the emergency room. But let the president try to make it so people don’t have to make these choices, and, well, he’s paving the road to socialism! Government-sponsored euthanasia! Death panels! Grim reapers! Renew! Renew!

So if he’s going to turn us into a movie, Obama’s probably better off shooting for Idiocracy. Because we’re halfway there already.


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