Hey, Remember Me?

Okay, I’ve been pretty remiss in keeping up with this lately. And I have an excuse. A pretty poor one, but it’ll have to do.

It’s football season.

I remember when I was a kid, you had maybe six football games all week — a college game or two on Saturday, three pro games on Sunday, and Monday Night Football. And Monday Night Football was where you saw the highlights of all the games you didn’t see on Sunday. There was no ESPN, no NFL Network. If you didn’t live in Green Bay, chances are you never saw the Packers unless your hometown team was playing them. You couldn’t just pop down to the sports bar and see whatever game you wanted.

Now, we have college games on Thursdays, Fridays, and sometimes even Wednesdays, plus about a dozen games on Saturdays to choose from. We’ve got Sunday Night Football, plus the orgy of coverage that Sunday Ticket makes possible.

And God help me, I sit and watch every last minute of it.

I’ll sit and watch Northwest Eastern Middleton against Butte Community Tech at 10:45 on a Thursday night. I’ll watch six different games while parked at the Ale House and somehow keep up with all of them. I’ll watch highlights, analysis, interviews, analysis of highlights of interviews, you name it.

And then there’s fantasy football. Monday I have to read about how my players did. Tuesday is about getting new players to replace my crappy players. The rest of the week is agonizing over which of my players to start. Saturday is spent second guessing every previously made decision. Sunday is spent praying my running back gets the ball at the goal line and not his backup. And then we start all over again.

None of is rational, productive, or even the slightest bit sane, but you wanted to know where I’ve been. Well, there you go.


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