One Ring to Rule Them All

So I’ve been pretty lax in updating this, but I have an excellent reason:

I was a little busy getting married.

Okay, “a little busy” doesn’t come close to describing the amount of chaos that resulted from my asking a simple little question a year and a half ago. And I didn’t have it half as bad as my wife did. My panic didn’t really start until about a month before the wedding. Hers seemed to start shortly after she said yes.

Granted, she had a lot more to worry about. You don’t rent wedding dresses. Nobody stands up when the groom walks in. All I had to do was pretty much show up and not do anything stupid.

So of course, I dropped her ring in the middle of the ceremony.

That was after I forgot to bring her gift to the venue and had to run back home to get it.

And after I nearly flooded our bathroom and accidentally turned an ivory towel light blue in the wash trying to clean up from the deluge.

But before Hannah’s laptop died during the reception, taking all our carefully chosen music along with it.

To be honest, the whole day is still a blur. If there weren’t pictures and video, I’d wonder if it even happened. This day that we’d been preparing for for over a year seemed to go by like that. It felt like we’d just sat down at our table before we were being told it was time to go. I barely had two drinks at the reception. And I missed out on the cupcakes from my groom’s cake. Fortunately, we have enough leftover beer and wine to make a frat house jealous.

But it was our day, and it was wonderful. A big thank you to everyone who joined us in celebrating it, and to both our families for their help and support.

And a big thank you to the beautiful woman who walked down the aisle and said “I do.”


One Response to One Ring to Rule Them All

  1. Joe L. says:

    Congratulations my friend!

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