It’s been a month since my last entry. Very lax of me, I know. I could make excuses, blame it on the holidays, but it’s just plain procrastination and laziness. But since that doesn’t make for compelling reading, here are some random holiday thoughts:

  • How bad is it for your self-esteem when you get the call from your agent telling you you’ve got to get up at 6am on Thanksgiving Day and go lip-sync in 30 degree weather on top of a turkey? You don’t see successful acts singing out in front of Macy’s.
  • Missed Macy’s opportunity — Andreas Bocelli ice skating while singing instead of someone else ice skating while he sang.
  • After years of fussiness, I like pumpkin pie now. This does not bode well for the pumpkin population.
  • I turned 41 last week. As luck would have it, we went to the Ale House to celebrate on the night the balloon guy was there. Or course he made me a hat. Of course I had to wear it. Of course my wife took a picture of it. Of course you’re not going to see it.
  • Speaking of my wife, she hosted a Christmas cookie exchange last week. The exchange being my waistline for their cookies.
  • Not sure which is worse, people who have their Christmas decorations up in the middle of November or people who are still putting up their Christmas decorations a week before Christmas.
  • We trekked out to Ice at the Gaylord Palms again this year. Ice is a heart-warming simulation of what it must have been like for the Donner Party, except with hot chocolate at the end instead of frozen human flesh. Seriously, it was COLD. My respect for polar bears has grown immensely.
  • The Year Without a Santa Claus is still the greatest Christmas special ever made. I wanted to be a Miser Brother growing up. Almost got Heat Miser’s hair down. And his general body shape….

Okay, enough randomness. And enough with the month-long gaps. I’ll try to keep this regular again. Considering my age, it might be my last chance to keep something regular for quite some time.


One Response to Holidaze

  1. Troy says:

    Very readible as always 🙂 Two notes: 1) please don't expound further on issues of regularity. No really, there will be repercussions… and 2) I have the photo of you in the baloon hat, and I'm not afraid to use it. (see note #1)

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