Richard’s Year of Movies — Avatar

My parents are in town visiting for the week, and on Saturday we went to the movies.  Movies with my dad were a pretty constant thing when I was growing up — we’d go see some of the worst crap imaginable, but we still went almost every Saturday to see something.  So we decided it’d be a good idea for us to go see something while they’re here, and we decided on Avatar.

I’ve already expressed my thoughts about the film, but this time I saw it in IMAX 3D.  And it was even more visually astounding than the first time around.  The image was clearer and brighter, and the 3D a lot sharper (and it wasn’t all that bad the first time around).  Having already seen how the story went, I found myself much more caught up in the spectacle and emotion of the film.  The stuff that worked for me the first time around worked even better for me this time.

And my parents loved it.  Even my mom, for whom I thought this would not be her cup of blue tea.  They live in a small town in North Carolina, so something like this isn’t something they get to see all the time.  I was glad we got to do it together.

I’ve probably got one more theatrical viewing of Avatar in me — I want to take Hannah to the IMAX version soon — but I’m curious to see how it’ll play on DVD without the bells and whistles.  I think it’s visually and stylistically interesting enough to work in 2D.


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