Richard’s Year of Movies — Burn After Reading

Being able to watch movies at home sometimes isn’t the best option.  I was watching Burn After Reading this morning while Hannah was bustling about the apartment cleaning, and I feel like I was just distracted enough by the activity that I didn’t give the movie a fair shake.  On first blush, it’s a black comedy that’s certainly black but didn’t seem funny enough.  There are certainly moments of comedy, but then there are some scenes and characters that seem far too serious for what they’re doing to be seen as comedic.  The performances are all uniformly good, I just felt like the story let them down a little bit.

But I can’t help but feel that had I been sitting in a theater, without the option to pause and without laundry and dish washing going on in the background, that there would have been more of a cumulative effect and what the Coens were trying to do would have been a little more clear.  This’ll probably be a film I’ll revisit at some point.  Just not on Laundry Day.


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