Richard’s Year of Movies — Cashback

Netflix Instant Watch is an evil, evil thing.  I’ve currently got a queue of about 80 movies and I keep adding more every time I look at what’s available.  There’s things I’ve never seen before that I want to check out, things I haven’t seen in forever that I want to watch again, and just really bad-looking direct-to-DVD nightmares that could be good for a laugh.  Even if I never get around to watching them, it’s nice to know they’re sitting there if I decide I want to.

Today I plucked Cashback of out my lengthy list.  All I knew about it was that it was about a man who can stop time and uses this ability to disrobe and sketch women in the grocery store at which he works.  So I was more than a little surprised to find a pretty charming little romance draped around this conceit.  And what’s great about it is not only does the romance feature two people you genuinely want to see get together, but it’s the rare romantic film where, with about twenty minutes to go, you’re still not sure if they’re going to end up together.

The director, Sean Ellis, has a heck of a visual sense too.  Scenes will flash back to the main characters childhood and seamlessly transition back to the present in one single pan.  One character literally falls into bed, and we follow him all the way down in a shot so simple in its conception but so effective in its delivery.  Ellis really elevates the material here.

It also doesn’t hurt that it’s British.  Somehow the Brits always manage to do quirky cute better than we do.  Maybe it’s the accents.

Oh yeah, and there’s nudity, but it’s more artistic than titillating, and it’s use lessens in the film as the main character’s outlook on what beauty and life are about changes.  It’s a pretty effective visual metaphor.

So a lucky grab into the deep hole I’ve dug for myself.  I know I’ve got some stinkers in there though.  I willingly added Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, so there’s no telling what I might do to myself next.


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