Richard’s Year of Movies — Can’t Hardly Wait is a movie website that I spend entirely too much time at.  I’ve been on their message boards since 2001, and out of my nearly 30,000 posts there, I think three or four may have actually had something to say.

Anyway, one of the current threads is a celebration of movies you know are bad, but like anyway.  Lots of 80s action movies being mentioned, along with really bad comedies like Joe Dirt — a lot of the folks there are not right in the head.

One film that kept getting mentioned was Can’t Hardly Wait.  I remember seeing this in the theater for some reason — well, two reasons, most likely, both belonging to Jennifer Love Hewitt — and had not unkind memories, so, thanks once again to the evil that is Netflix, I took a look at it today.

It’s one of those films where you couldn’t possibly care less about the main story, since you know from the get-go how it’s going to end up — the boy gets the girl.  It’s the secondary characters who run away with this, but it’s still a pretty pale comparison to the film it so desperately wants to be:  Sixteen Candles for the 90s.  There are one or two laugh out loud moments that probably account for my favorable recollection of the film, and it’s not a terrible film, but seeing it again, it’s more cute than good.  Which I guess isn’t all that terrible.

And again, Jennifer Love Hewitt.


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