It’s My Blog and I’ll Embarrass Myself If I Want To

Well, since I did such a sterling job picking the rest of the NFL season, why not completely jump off the bridge and pick the Super Bowl?  Or should I call it “the Big Game”, like all the non-licensed sponsors have to?  Like nobody knows what they’re talking about….

Anyway, I initially picked New England/Minnesota.  When that blew up, I went with San Diego/Philadelphia.  So I probably have no business even attempting this, but hey, the reputation is shot already.

So everyone seems to think the Colts have a huge advantage and it’s theirs to lose.  And true, they’ve been here before, Peyton Manning’s in an absolute zone, and the Saints run the risk of the Just Happy to Be Here syndrome.

But I think the Colts run just as much risk of the Been There Done That syndrome.  Most of this team has a ring from a few years ago.  And without the carrot of the perfect season, there may be a chance of a letdown.  It’s hard to look at a Super Bowl championship as “just another ring,” but I have to wonder if Jim Caldwell lost this team a little when he sat the starters against the Jets and lost going undefeated and, if the game is tight down the stretch, if he might not be able to coach them out of it.

And you can’t underestimate the motivation the Saints have.  They’re playing not just for themselves, but to put an exclamation point on the resurrection of New Orleans.  They’ve never won the big one, and they’re hungry.

I don’t see either defense being a huge factor.  There’ll be plays made, but this day will belong to the offenses.  And I think the Colts not having Dwight Freeney drops their defense low enough that the Saints can outscore them.  I’m calling it 34-31 Saints.

So look forward to that 14-10 slugfest, everyone!


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