From Beer to Eternity

I love beer.  And not for the intoxication.  I really love the taste of it.  A good beer with good food, man, there’s few things better.

I’m also, shall we charitably say, fat.

Those two statements are most likely linked.

So I come before you today with a declaration.  Hannah already knows about it, but hey, nothing is official until it’s posted on the internet for anonymous consumption, so here goes:

I will not have another beer until I am under 200 pounds.

I know this will not be the be-all end-all.  There are other matters of diet and exercise to attend to.  But this is the carrot, the thing I’m going to dangle out there in hopes that it’ll draw my chubby self to the end of the road.

It’s already been about three weeks since my last beer.  And that was an MGD 64, so it was beer in the sense that the word “beer” appeared on the label.  But since then, no six-packs from Publix, not stops at the sports bar on the way home, nothing.  It wasn’t like I was an alcoholic or anything, so there’s been no sense of withdrawal.  And it’s not like I never intend to start up again.  I’m just saving it as a reward for myself for reaching a goal.

I doubt I’ll be under 200 by the time of the NFL draft in April, at least not without some sort of life-threatening intestinal disease, so that’ll be the first real test.  Past drafts have found me on a couch with several cold ones and what seemed like 48 straight hours of ESPN.  I’m sure there will be temptation.  Hell, listening to Chris Berman for that long may put me over the edge.  But I will be strong.

So here goes nothing.  Hopefully you’re not reading an embarrassed post in a week or two wherein I’ve downed a 12-pack of Killians and am tearfully bemoaning the end to this experiment.


2 Responses to From Beer to Eternity

  1. Gregory Kohs says:

    Richard, I'll send you a 4-pack of Dogfish Head 90-minute IPA when you succeed. (Can you mail beer?)

  2. Joe Long says:

    how about wine? that goes good with food too! 🙂

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