Richard’s Year of Movies — Kick Ass

If I wanted to accurately recapture my viewing experience of Kick Ass on this blog, you’d have to read seven or eight previews for upcoming posts before you got to the actual entry.  I swear, every time I thought, “OK, that’s the last one,” that damn green title card popped up to let me know the following preview was approved for all audiences, except for those who are ready for the movie to start.  I could understand if this was opening weekend for a film on 4000 screens, but this was a Saturday afternoon with about six people in the audience.  I don’t think we’re pushing Grown Ups over the top.

As for the film, this is again one of those times where I’m floating adrift watching the geek wave pass me by.  I liked it, but I’m not in love with it the way some people are.  And I’m sort of waiting to get my head bit off because of it.  Geek love can be terrifyingly unforgiving; if you aren’t in step with the crowd, they can trample you in their fervor.  It’s as if they think that if one less person loves the film, it’s somehow diminished.  It’s almost like Catholics who can’t bear the thought of someone who doesn’t believe — convert or go to Hell.  Sure, there are people who deliberately go against the grain and set out to dislike something the geeks are embracing.  But I’ve seen reasoned takes on films shouted down with “You don’t get it!” or “Your opinion sucks!”  Way to fight the good fight there.

Speaking of fighting, I wasn’t bothered by an 11-year old girl gunning down thugs and getting the crap beat out of her.  In the context of the world the film sets up, it makes sense, and to be honest, she’s probably the most capable character in the entire film; you feel more concern for those she’s fighting than for her.  She can take care of herself.  Besides, if you’re dumb enough to bring your kids to an R-rated film called KICK ASS, you forfeit the right to be offended.

Next week brings the next geek hot button, Iron Man 2.  Advance word has been mixed, but seeing as I merely liked the first film, I don’t feel set up for disappointment.  I might just get yelled at a little.


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