Back in the Land of the Scary Machines

I had to go get another renal ultrasound yesterday.  No reason for concern, it’s just been a year since the last one and my nephrologist wants to take another gander at my kidneys.

I’m going to pause here a moment and ponder the thought that I actually have a nephrologist.

Okay, so the place I went to for the scan was a different one from the one I went to last time.  This one had a big screen I could look at and see the scan.  And the inside of my body is a horrifying place.  Everything looks like William Hurt from the end of Altered States, all fleshy and lumpy and really unhealthy-looking.  Couple that with the sound of the scanner glopping over the gel on me and it was just an unsettling experience.

Even more unsettling was trying to wipe all the gel off me when I was done.  And not finding out I missed some until I sat down in my car and felt something sticking my shirt to my stomach.


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