The Write Stuff

Well, I dipped my toe in the water, and rather than having it gnawed off by some horrible sea beast, I ended up just getting my toe wet.

A few months ago, I figured what the hell and submitted a short story to an Australian magazine specializing in super-hero fiction.  For the last year or so, I’ve been participating in a series of short story contests on a SF/fantasy website, and my stuff has gotten a really good reception.  Good enough to make me think I may not actually be wasting my time with all of this.  So I dusted off an older story, gave it a shiny new coat, and electronically zipped it Down Under.

And then nothing happened.  I’d forgotten all about it, honestly.  I kept at the story contests, managed to win a couple, floated a couple of long-percolating ideas that got good responses, and made the decision to leap into the NaNoWriMo maelstrom this year and finally finish.  So I wasn’t really giving much thought to that submission.

Until there was an email in my inbox apologizing for the long delay, and would I want to be in their November issue?  And how would I like my payment?

So just like that, I’m a published author.  Yeah, it’s a niche magazine that comes out quarterly on a completely different continent.  And I’m getting paid in copies (I could have taken a copy and $5 Australian, but I felt kind of funny making this guy go through the trouble of PayPal-ing me $4.91).  But hey, somebody who does this for a living liked something I wrote enough to want to include it in something they’re putting out there for purchase.

Now, the thing I’ve always had problems with:  the follow-through.

See, sometimes I hit these little milestones and act like that’s enough.  I take my small victory and bask in it and don’t use it to pave the way for bigger ones.  So I’ve got to make sure that doesn’t happen this time around.  Or else I’ll be back to wondering if I’m good enough, and if people are just saying nice things to be polite.

So I need to hit NaNoWriMo like a steam train.  No goofing around.  I need to find some more places to submit.  And I need to start building up enough output to hit them all.  No more excuses.  No more what ifs.  Fingers are going to be tapping keys, and stuff is gonna flow.

And I’m not gonna stop until both feet are completely soaked.


One Response to The Write Stuff

  1. Ken says:

    Richard,I have not read your fiction, but your blog and sketch work are terrific. Keep at it. Your writing deserves to be read by the masses.

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