NaNoWriMo Update

So updates to this blog have been fairly sparse, owing to me putting all my writing time into my NaNoWriMo project.  But I was worried my little blog would feel lonely and wander off, possibly getting taken to the pound and either euthanized or sent of for medical experimentation.  And I can’t very well have that on my conscience.

As of this morning, I stand at 11,538, a pace of 1,153 words a day.  To hit 50,000 by the end of the month, it takes an average of 1,667 per day, so I’m a little behind the pace, but I’ve kept at it, writing at least something every day.  I did have one day lost due to being sick, and parts of two days gone due to the video card on my computer deciding it really didn’t need to be cooled anymore and killing its fan, but for the most part, each day has seen a good two to three hours spent pounding away at this thing.

And just what is this thing exactly?  Well, it’s a story that’s been in mind since, oh, the early 1990s.  Bits and pieces of it have shown up in other things, short stories and RPG characters mostly, and I have tons of hand-written notes on college-ruled paper that have been tucked away for the better part of twenty years now.  In a way, it feels weird to finally be putting this into motion, and lot of naive ideas I had back then are getting tossed aside, whether in the rush to move forward or in the light of experience.  But the main thing is that I’ve got almost 12,000 words of continuous narrative, by far the longest I’ve ever done, and that what was once just ideas and what ifs is now actually coalescing on the page.  Or the screen, to be more exact.

I did fall prey to the big NaNoWriMo no-no (and man, how fun was THAT to write just now), and that’s revising.  The idea is to not get bogged down in trying to perfect what you’ve written, but to just keep going and get to the end.  You can go back and fix it later.  But I’d started one of my characters off in a direction that didn’t make sense as things progressed, and as much as I tried to ignore it and press on, it eventually turned into that little piece of popcorn you just can’t get out from between your teeth, so I went back and re-wrote him.  Technically a faux pas, but it has me more confident about moving forward.

This weekend will hopefully be a time to put nose to monitor and do some catching up.  And hopefully not write myself into any more corners.  Thanks to those who have been sending me encouragement, and a special thanks to my wife Hannah to be so understanding when I put my headphones on and studiously ignore her for most of the evening.  Heck, she may even be a little grateful too.


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