Do They Know It’s Christmas? — Introduction

I’m sure by this point in the holiday season, everyone’s watched at least one Christmas movie.  Whether it be a Rankin-Bass Claymation extravaganza, one of the seven hundred and ninety-eight versions of A Christmas Carol, or even making The Nightmare Before Christmas pull double duty after thinking it was done for the year after Halloween, we all have our traditional holiday fare that always gets a spin this time of year.

But there’s another kind of Christmas movie that gets overlooked far to often.  The one where Christmas is a part of the story, but not THE story.  Christmas movies that aren’t Christmas movies.  It’s high time they got their moment under the mistletoe.  So, from now until Christmas Day, I’m going to count down my top ten Christmas films that don’t feature mangers, three ghosts, or reindeer.  It’s a little list I like to call…

Each day I’ll rattle off a paragraph or two of deathless prose as to why these films should make their way into your rotation amidst the Grinches and Scrooges.  And don’t read too much into the order; it’s just a quick personal ranking I did, and subject to change depending on the mood and the amount of spiked egg nog consumed.

So check back a little later for the first installment!


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