If You Can’t Say Something Nice, Say It at the Golden Globes

So did Ricky Gervais interrupt mass at the Vatican or something? The way people are talking, he’s just below Joe “You Lie!” Wilson on the scale of inappropriate public utterances. All because he tossed some zingers on an awards show.

And not even a very good awards show. It was the Golden Globes. The bunch who gave Pia Zadora an award for acting. After that, they should be glad they’re getting any kind of attention at all, let alone having to endure hearing Gervais say what pretty much everyone was thinking anyway.

I mean, weren’t entertainment columnists falling all over themselves when the nominations were announced about how wrong-headed the nods for The Tourist and Burlesque were?  Hasn’t it been long-standing common knowledge that the Hollywood Foreign Press likes to nominate big stars so they’ll show up to the ceremony?  Sure, Gervais may have been a little more pointed about it, but his biggest sin seems to have been daring to say so right to the faces of those he was mocking rather than snickering behind their backs.

Perish the thought.

And it’s not like they were raising money to fight world hunger or send aid to the site of some natural disaster.  They were handing out a bunch of trophies barely a step above the one I got for managing to stay away from fly balls in little league.  They were eating free food and drinking free booze and putting the spurs to Oscar campaigns and generally just basking in the glow of being pretty people.  A little deflating piss and vinegar wouldn’t hurt; in fact, it would probably do some of them a world of good.  A modern day version of the slave standing behind the conquering Roman general repeating, “Remember, thou art mortal.”  Or in this case, “Remember, thou made Salt.”

But now there’s rumors that Gervais has been banned from hosting the show ever again, and that the HFPA will actively keep anything he makes from ever being nominated for a Golden Globe.  So, in order to stand up for their integrity, they threaten to flush it down the toilet.  Apparently they heard Gervais, they just didn’t listen to him.

Maybe he should have just played it safe and trotted out, “Uma.  Oprah.”  Letterman seemed to do all right after that.  Bad is never as damaging as brutally honest.


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