Packing It In

Some random musings about last night’s Super Bowl and the season in general:

  • The non-football portions of the evening were a vast black hole.  Hardly any of the commercials were memorable — the best one being the Darth Vader ad that we’d all seen days before anyway, and which everyone remembers as “the Darth Vader ad” rather than the make of car being advertised.  The best ads were pretty much the ones for upcoming movies, with Super 8 and Captain America easily winning the night.
  • I’m  a little surprised and disappointed that, in some circles, the Spielberg/Abrams combo is causing some to dismiss Super 8, while those same folks were genuinely excited about the Transformers 3 ad.  The first two Transformers films had ads filled with cool robot mayhem, and look how they turned out.  So why are you buying it a third time?  Sure, Super 8 looked a little derivative of pretty much every film Spielberg had a hand in in the 80s, but I’ll take that pedigree any day.
  • The halftime show was memorable, but for all the wrong reasons.  Not only did it underline the fact that any Black Eyed Peas song is virtually identical to any other one (really, it sounded like they were singing one long, repetitive ode to being ready and getting started), but the group looked a little ridiculous, all decked out in early Tron and surrounded by the usual horde of “fans” who would have danced and clapped as choreographed just as enthusiastically if they’d been slaughtering pigs on stage.  Which wasn’t too far from what we got.  Then Slash rose from the stage dressed in black and Usher descended from above dressed in white and I was afraid we were in for a rock opera version of Paradise Lost.
  • My late friend Nick had a tradition of always betting the over on the length of the National Anthem before the game.  He’d have been a wealthy man last night, because I don’t know how long it actually lasted, but it sure felt like it went on for a good five minutes.  Or at least long enough for Christina Aguilera to forget the words.  I’m all for an artist making the song their own (see Hendrix, Jimi), but do so in a way other than adding useless vocal histrionics that sound more like you’re having a stroke than singing.
  • That said, between Fergie and Christina, why couldn’t this have been the year for a wardrobe malfunction?
  • When did the Super Bowl turn into this über patriotic occasion?  I swear the Declaration of Independence got more play last night than it does on the Fourth of July.  You know, the day that celebrates its signing?  At least the reading of the document contained all the restraint and class we’ve come to expect from Fox, and all the dignity retired football players could give it.
  • As for the reason all of this was going on, even when the Steelers made it close, it felt like the Packers were in control.  It just seemed like Aaron Rodgers was going to make the plays and Ben Roethlisberger wasn’t.  Even if Rodgers’ receivers decided they were only going to catch every other ball thrown to them.  Rodgers could have had a game for the ages if they hold on to even a couple of those.
  • I know there are Steelers fans taking the loss pretty hard this morning, but I can’t feel too bad for them.  They’ve still got seven overall, and two in the last five years.  It took my team twenty-seven years to win one.
  • So much for those new playoff overtime rules, huh?  Never got to trot them out even once this year.
  • A lot of folks are saying this could be the last NFL game we see this year, and I still can’t get on board that train.  Nearly 104,000 people braved crappy weather to be at the Super Bowl.  Tens of millions watched at home.  And you honestly think the league, the owners and the players are going to throw that away?  My gut tells me that the worst that happens is training camp is a little late in getting started.  I just can’t see this being allowed to stretch into the regular season.
  • Seems I can’t turn around online this morning without being reminded that if the Buccaneers had beaten the Lions and finished 11-5 on the year, the Packers wouldn’t have even made the playoffs.  Thanks.  I get it.  Now shut up.
  • Maybe it was because this was the first time in a while that I wasn’t watching the game at a party or a bar, but the whole evening seemed a little lackluster to me.  Could be you need a boisterous crowd to smooth over the rough edges, or it could be that, aside from the game, it was a dull year in general.  It sure looked great on my TV though.

And now comes the barren wasteland of the NFL off-season, when, aside from the brief blips of free agency (which may not happen as scheduled) and the draft, I’m actually forced to pay attention to other things going on around me.  Like this strange woman who lives in my apartment and tells me she loves me.  I’d better find out who she is real quick.


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