Moving Day

All right, folks, this is it.  Today will be the last day of Some Damn Fool Idealistic Crusade.  By this time tomorrow, The Daily Rich will be up and running.

Like I said a couple of days ago, it’s time this blog didn’t lean on a Star Wars quote.  Besides, it’s a pretty long and awkward title anyway.  And all too easily shortened to Some Damn Fool, which isn’t quite the image I’m out to cultivate.  I’ve also had it pointed out to me that the URL “dicksoncrusade” has a rather unfortunate way of reading it that conjures up the kind of crusade that this blog was never really about.  Think three words instead of two.  Ah, now you’ve got it.

As for the new name, DailyRich has been an online identity of mine for over ten years.  And the “Daily” part will hopefully nudge me to keep up the regular pace I’ve been on for nearly the last month.  I’ve enjoyed it, and would like it to continue.  So the threat of very public embarrassment if I don’t should do wonders.

So here’s what’s going to happen.  The new blog will be at  I had thought about simply changing the URL of this blog, but I’ve read too many horror stories about links and other things being irretrievably broken by doing that, so I’m going to take the safe route. will be set up to re-direct to the new blog.  All posts will be carried over.  For those of you who subscribe, either via email or through WordPress, unfortunately, this means you’ll have to re-subscribe to the new blog.  But the new template has a built-in RSS feed button, and I’d like to think that, if you liked what I was doing enough to subscribe to the first one, you won’t mind the few seconds it’ll take to subscribe to the new one.

This wasn’t a decision I took lightly, but it just feels like the right move at the right time.  Hopefully, you’ll all come along for the ride.


Changes A’Comin’…

With The Immortal Beard winding down, it seems like a good time to make a change with this blog that I’ve been planning for a while now.  I’ve gotten a good amount of eyeballs here lately thanks to some very kind people who’ve enjoyed what they’ve read and spread the word, and it’s been making me think I should probably take this a little more seriously.  Not “quit my day job and pound out blog entries all day” seriously, but something like approaching an actual regular schedule.

It also seems like a good time to throw away the Obi-Wan Kenobi quote and make this blog my own thing.  To be honest, Some Damn Fool Idealistic Crusade was more a commentary on my effort to keep this going than on the blog itself, and it just feels like it’s a title that’s run its course.

So, once The Immortal Beard hits #1 and I wrap the whole thing up, this particular damn fool idealistic crusade will come to its end and become…

Don’t worry, it ain’t the DC reboot.  All that’s changing is the title, the look, and the URL.  Everything else will stay the same.  Which may or may not be a selling point…